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West Coast - Trucking101

Join the Largest fuel discount in the nation

Club 101

The Largest Diesel Discount in The Nation

Trucking 101 Fuel Club

The 101 Club fuel program is designed to benefit all commercial fleet owners, whether you have one truck or hundreds of trucks. No matter the size of your fleet, the program offers cost-effective fuel purchases through discounted fuel prices accepted at participating fuel stations nationwide. Join today’s waitlist to use this program and revolutionise fuel purchases!

Average Fuel Discount Today
$0.405 per gallon

Highest Fuel Discount Today
$1.062 per gallon

30+ Years of Experience

Join our network for reduced fuel prices and access to numerous participating fuel stations nationwide. You’ll be part of a community of cost-effective and productive members, enjoying the perks of our reputable legacy.

No New Credit Card Needed

And here’s the icing on the cake. The program is easy to use and hassle-free. You don’t need to apply for credit or open a new credit card. We’ve made the process simple and cost-effective for your convenience.

Easy and Effient

Take the first step towards the future of fuel purchases by securing your savings today. Join The 101 Club Fuel Program and embrace a new age of cost-effective and efficient fleet management!

How Much Could You Be Saving?

Use the calculator below to see how quickly our fuel discounts can add up.
The amount of savings in the Trucking 101 network depends on the specific stop, how often it is used, the volume of fuel purchased, and current market conditions. The following is an example of the calculations used to determine the discounts earned by drivers in the network from July 2022 to January 2023 (rounded). These calculations were based on an average usage of the Trucking 101 network of five times per week and an average fuel purchase of 105 gallons.

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Fuel Discount FAQ

Where do I get discounts at?

We provide discounts at more than 1350 Loves, Pilot, Flying J, and AMBEST locations. Additionally, our services are accepted at over 16000 locations across the United States and Canada.

How much money will I save?

The amount of money earned per week depends on the individual case but typically falls between $200 to $550 a week. This is determined by the amount of fuel purchased weekly and the frequency of fueling within the discount network.

What days will this be drafted out of my account?

The decision on how often to make deposits is yours to make. However, we recommend opting for either daily or weekly deposits, as monthly ones may lead to an accumulation of a substantial sum.

Is there a credit check?

No, we will have you put up a security deposit based on the amount of credit you would like to have; you can do this with a checking account or credit card.

How much is the security deposit?

It’s ultimately your decision, but we suggest setting a security deposit of $500-$1,000 for daily drafts. For weekly drafts, we advise calculating the amount of fuel you purchase and using that as the basis for your security deposit.

So how do I get setup?

After we send you an electronic contract to sign, we will require a 1-page customer profile sheet and a security deposit from you. Once we receive those, we will issue your fuel card or cards.

How long does it take to get set up?

Usually, it requires approximately 3-5 days for everything to take effect.

What all Fees are there?

For every fuel purchase, a fee of $2.50 is charged. If you opt to pay with a credit card instead of a checking account, an additional 2.5% service fee per transaction will be applied. There are no setup fees, yearly fees, or any other hidden charges.

When should I expect ROI?

The time frame for seeing a return on investment varies for each company. However, typically, most individuals witness a return by the second or third week. It is possible to see a return sooner, but this is dependent on the miles run and fuel purchased.

How do I check the discounts around my route?

You will receive a daily email with details about locations and discounts. Additionally, we are putting the finishing touches on our website to allow you to easily check discounts. Moreover, we are currently working on an app that will provide you with real-time access to this information.

Will I receive a report of how much I spent and how much I have saved?

You can anticipate receiving a comprehensive weekly report that will exhibit a detailed breakdown of your purchases and savings. This report will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your expenses and help you track your financial progress more efficiently.

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